Inbound ticket price

Hello all,

I have a question regarding the inbound price tickets. Looks like, in my case, the majority of inbound price tickets is inferior to the outbound price ticket.

So in almost all the cases, for the inbound flights, the price is the default price, no matter what I set up. In some cases, there is a price between the default and the current, but not the current and that depends on how old is the route.

The outbound price ticket works perfectly, still.

Any solutions?


Each flight # is its own flight. So if your change the outbound flight price you have to go in and separately change the return flight as they are not connected by default.

If you are in your inventory for flights you have the options to apply settings and add return flight numbers. You can also change prices per flight or all flight on the same route.

If you’re doing it in scheduling make sure to not using default change it to what percentage you want on both sides especially if they are different and you don’t want them to be but they wont change current scheduled flights.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I make the changes in the inventory.

I tried a few moments ago exactly like you told me and it’s not working!

The return flight numbers is unchecked and if I change the price for the outbound flight, the same price is applied to the inbound flight and viceversa.

So how does it work?

Unfortunately I can’t attach a screenshot:(

Here is an example, from the Inventory menu. After selecting “Return Airport Pair” and “return flight numbers” (i.e. all four boxes, really) you click on “apply prices only” or “apply prices and settings” - in the latter case you also apply the same service profile and terminal settings which can be useful.

Note that these changes only apply to future flights - i.e. if you change the setting now the price will change in 3 days’ time.


I do exactly the same! The price changes for outbound and inbound flight, too!

I am really annoyed, wtf???

… and when I go back to the outbound flight, take a look at the price!

Did you click “apply prices only” on the second screenshot? If so, then it looks like everything works as desired, you now have $188/$176/$278/$76 (Y/J/F/cargo) for both in-and outbound.

What prices are you trying to set on this route?

Yes, I applied prices only.

I want to set different prices for the in and out flights.

Does it work?

The key is the apply settings to: panel in the right hand corner. You should only select the first two options if you want to apply it to one segment. Selecting all four will apply it to both airport pair segments.

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I lost a lot of money, goddamnit!:slight_smile:

Thank you!