Incase people wonder where my airlines go

Pretty soon my credit balance will have been in the negative long enough to have my airlines deleted,

While not a (forum) active or well known player I feel I should let people & alliance members know in-case they wonder where my airlines have gone.

Unfortunately I have had no money to spare for credits lately so it will be too late before I can buy more again, but it was an honour to have played this game with my airline Avre Airways and UK Midlands.

Atleast I made some noticable contributions to the community with the wiki updates :slight_smile:

See you all soon when I can get credits again, Benostew

Hope to see you back soon.

how much time do I have to rebuy credits in case I run out of them?

When credits turn negative, trial account have 7 days and premium accounts have 28 days to buy credits again and avoid deletion of their airlines.