I’m having a hard time Making income. What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

Server? Name of the Airline?

pearl and flexjet

Well firstly USA is a very competative market and it is very hard to start a succesful airline.

Secondly your main airport San Diego from which you make most of flights has a lot of airlines serving it and you can use ORS to see your rating and other airlines offer better services and connections. Your routes from SAN to LAX and LAS are served by very many other airlines and it is hard to get a lot of profit if you can not offer more connections or better service on your planes.


Online Reservation System you can find it under Information. It shows every possibility to get from A to B and shows the best choice for the PAX

I started a new airline, lightjet in meigs. And I Have a few questions. First What does BGW and HGW on the 737’s mean? Two, would a E190 and a Q400 be good starting aircraft? Also, in Real life can the E190 Like Texas to Cancun?

I’m not sure how to spell them but in general BGW has lower MTOW ( Max take off weight) than HGW. And also BGW has shorter range but it uses less fuel for same distance.

I’m not sure if that is 100% right so correct me if I’m wrong

You are right but let me expand further.

BGW = Basic Gross Weight. This carries a standard amount of fuel and the standard engine.

HGW = High Gross Weight. This plane will carry more fuel and maybe a Varient of engine ( in real life, AS doesn’t simulate the engine change.) The plane will have to carry more weight so for shorter distances it will be less efficient.

is it best to start out with maybe one plane and one route… build up money to purchase aircraft and then go from there?

It will take you a very very long time.

I’ve just leased one 737-7, E190 and 170