Increasing Sensitivity of ORS

Prior to the upgrade (not sure currently as you cannot see values via the rollover), the maximum value was 100, and as you went through, many flight displayed as equal (at 100). Even if you lowered your pricing, you couldn’t improve you rank because competitors where all as high as they could go.


Why not increase the sensitivity of the ORS?

What i’m essentially saying is… Why not make the max value: 1000?

Or… Make each ORS point harder to get

This will increase competition along routes and split different flights more aggressively.

Which i believe will benefit the game…

Just a thought


I agree.

Currently, an ORS value of 99/100 is easy to reach and there is no competition beyond this point, e.g. even if I further improve my product, I can’t differentiate myself from a competitor. I don’t think there has to be a 1000-scale, but at least make it more difficult to reach the 100 points.

Fiddling with flight ratings, causing immense disturbance to the booking behavior? Could just as well kill myself…since that’s what the forum mob would do.

Could this at least be investigated through the test worlds?

At the moment, flight rating play an insignificant part in the simulation, which in my opinion is incorrect and makes competition between airlines on the same route pointless

A way to offset the havoc would be to increase the adjustment period, so implementation would occur over, lets say, 6 months

No one will ever know the difference ;)

And the game will greatly benefit!

The problem is all the airlines will simply do whatever it takes to get that rating. The game just isn’t complicated enough (nor should it be) to create the disparity you’re seeking. Things like FF programs, seat pitch, more seating options, baggage fees, lounges, travel websites, and even alliance features are what would help create such differences, but then the game becomes overly complicated on what is still not acillinary statistic. Seeing as things like flights, times, connections, and price play a much larger and more important role in regards to loads…

Disagree. As not all airlines have the same level of costs I doubt that everyone would just lower the fares (or increasing costs through inflight service) below profitability just to be in a specific market.

Would they still if the maximum flight rating represents a flight that has a significant profit loss (i.e. margin of -500%?)

I am not trying to make it that complicated. All i want included is a more aggressive nature applied to flight ratings.

I will give you an example; i have a flight running prior to the ORS upgrade that had a flight rating of 100 and i was getting a profit of 18%, possibly more, even with competing airlines. But by decreasing the price, it makes absolutely no difference to anything except the profit

I would rather than seeing the change in ORS see the improvement of demand calculation. I.e. at this point it doesn’t matter whether your flight flies at 08:00 in the morning or 01:00 during the night.

Highly agree! Discussed years ago though…