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Welcome to IndoSky, the airline of the future! IndoSky is Asia’s fourth largest airline group and a proud member of the Diamond Star alliance. We aim to connect Asia, through the most modern and efficient operation while providing unrivalled comfort and luxury to our passengers.

The Indo Group is made up of four entities, three award winning operating airlines and one backend aviation services company. All airlines across the group offer economy, business and first class on most aircraft.

IndoSky is the crown jewel of the Indo Group. It is a modern Indonesian airline connecting Indonesia to the world as well as being the leading connection airline to Australia. IndoSky operates one of the largest hubs in the world at Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (CGK) with additional hubs in Surabaya (SUB), Denpasar Bali (DPS), Kuala Lumpur (KUL), Makassar (UPG), Medan (KNO) and Singapore (SIN). The current fleet of IndoSky is:

  • 10 Airbus A319NEO. These are the smallest members of the fleet and are used for thin long range routes. They can be found flying to smaller New Zealand cities from Jakarta as well as some select long range services from secondary hubs.

  • 50 Airbus A320NEO. The A320NEO is the main short runway workhorse of IndoSky. They tackle short runways from Jakarta and there are also sizable fleets of them based in Medan and Bangkok.

  • 250 Airbus A321NEO (+LR). The A321NEO is one of the main workhorses of IndoSky, they can be found everywhere across the network, flying more routes than any other aircraft type. Some also fly long and thin routes, across our network.

  • 200 Airbus A350-1000 XWB. These are our main widebody work horse handling everything from short haul routes within Indonesia to most of our Australia network. They are absolutely stunning and versatile airplanes.

  • 5 Airbus A350-900. This is our rarest aircraft model, with only 5 of them in total. They can be found flying mostly to Dubai from Jakarta.

  • 111 Airbus A380-800. The A380 is truly the king of the skies and we are by far the largest operator of them. The A380s operate exclusively to Jakarta and are used to provide the insane amounts of capacity required on some routes. Without the A380s, IndoSky could not operate the way we do.

  • 130 Boeing 787-8. The 787 fleet is the main long haul fleet of IndoSky. They fly all across the world, providing unparalleled comfort onboard.

Furthmore, IndoSky operates a dedicated cargo fleet of ten A320Fs and ten A321Fs. These freighters are used to complement the IndoSky passenger fleet.

IndoArabia is the premier Iraqi carrier connecting the middle east. IndoArabia is a smaller regional airline based in Baghdad. It operates one of the largest networks within the middle east with also some select long haul connections. Currently IndoArabia operates:

  • 60 Airbus A220-100

  • 50 Airbus A220-300

  • 20 Boeing 737-8 MAX

  • 10 Boeing 737-700ER

  • 10 Boeing 737-900ER

The A220s and 737-8s are used interchangeably across short and medium haul routes while the extended range fleet is used exclusively on long range flights to East Asia.

IndoGulf is a brand new airline based in Kuwait. While being a sister to IndoArabia, the aim of IndoGulf is different. Instead of connecting the middle east, the goal of IndoGulf is to connect the world. Currently, we already serve 6 continents with loads of destinations starting continually. To serve our wide reaching network we use:

  • 20 Airbus A320NEO

  • 60 Airbus A321NEO

  • 20 Boeing 787-8

The Airbuses serve the short and medium haul network while the 787s are mostly used for long haul. IndoGulf is the only airline across the Indo Group with a fully owned fleet. Most of these aircraft have directly been transferred from IndoSky which has been going through it’s aircraft inventory and been able to spare these aircraft.

Indo Services is one of the leading aviation services companies in the world. With around 20 000 employees it provides some of the most stunning terminal facilities in the world, including the massive Grand Indo Terminal Jakarta.