Interest for a new Private Game World

Hi all,

I see there is a lot of interest in Private Game Worlds lately and I was wondering if there is enough interest to start a new Private Server. Are there more people interested in a new Private server?

Due to time constrains I am not able to host one, is there anyone interested in starting and hosting a private Game World? I am off course willing to help out, especially at the start.

I have not thought about the settings yet, maybe discuss this along the way if it seems that we have enough interested people and a host :slight_smile:

I noticed this has been tried before and it is hard to coordinate this but hopefully we can coordinate this in to starting a new server.

Thanks all. Probably good for visability to keep this in this topic and no PMs.

Cheers, Dutchie.

There are at least 2 private worlds with free space for new players (as far as I know) - and 2 private worlds have closed or are closing very soon, so I assume that there is not much interest for another private world. Especially not if you want anybody to be the host - try it yourself! :slight_smile:

Hi Highscore,

Thanks for your reply!

If I am correct the two servers who still have places are matured already with only (for me) less attractive places to start and one of them is German only.

I am now on Reality that is ending but still most members wanted to continue, unfortunately not enough to keep the price low enough. We changed to the new ORS there and that had quite an impact. But I think some still want to keep playing.

Newer servers are full and when they do have place they fill up fast. Also I can imagine that a completely new server might attract players who only want to start in a completely new world.

I wouldn’t mind to host but my online times are very unpredictable and the chances are high that I miss a payment or send out requests for payments too late. Otherwise absolutely.

But thanks for your feedback. Mostly here to see if there is interest. I also understand that players want more concrete plans and a host before they decide if they are interested or not :slight_smile:

If someone does want to host that would be great. More concrete plans will probably make it easier to see the actual interest.

Cheers, Dutchie

Zeppelin is already full again, so far.

Thanks all,

So far I have received two PMs of people who are interested but so far not a lot of response. Seems that not having a concrete plan doesn’t help.

However looking at the views of this thread, the reactions of the players in the PM, how fast young existing servers fill up and the fact that most players will respond to a concrete plan with server rules I think that if a concrete plan comes up for a new private server it should fill up quickly.

Cheers, Dutchie

Hi I’m interested to join a private game world, thanks