Interest rates

When do they start going down?

The interest rate will fall, as soon as the economy becomes stronger.

And what is that based on? our weekly numbers?

Yes, and it´s changing continously

[font="Arial"][size="2"]This game I decided to try a new strategy, buying used airplanes so I could get loans. Maybe this was a mistake seeing how high interest rates are. Opps. Anyway, the second half of my problem- I have 9,514,850 AS$ in aircraft a AAA credit rating and am profitable. Yet[size="2"] I still get the "[/size][/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]The lender do not consider loan requests from this enterprise to be appropriate at this time." message. Do I just have to wait a while? How long? Was there a cahnge recently in how loans work (I took a break from playing a few months ago)?[/size][/font]

Just a few weeks. At the beginning of a new server rates are always that high, but don’t question your strategy too fast. It’ll work out, even if it takes a while until you get a credit.

You have to wait, until you made some profits. Show the bank, that your airline is profitable ;)

(And no, not only a few bucks. It has to be some more ;) )

I’ve had plenty of cash and an AAA rating with no ability to loan yet. I’m curious how quickly these rates will drop. 18% is impossible to accept.

I wasn’t around at the beginning of the last server. How quickly was it before those rates dropped? Was it a very rapid drop or will this take some time? I’m just trying to plan out my future as I build up my equity.

Looks like 6.22% on the 1 week anniversary of the new server, so perhaps these things are re-computed weekly?

No, it´s changing continuously with the week-end closings of the airlines. But after the start of a new server, the earliest date for changes is after one week ;)

It already starts to decline. So just wait a little longer.

I need it now :wink:

Then you have to pay big interest rates ;)

I’m still sitting on a AAA rating and unable to get one :(

Same here. More than 2.000.000 AS$ profit in this and the last week, and still i won’t get any. My securities are around 2.800.000 AS$ + 2.000.000 AS$ cash :confused:

That’s the way it is right now. You will soon be able to get some loans if profits continue to roll in.

@ToiletDuck - if you do pick up a loan with interest rates as high as 16%, you can always transfer them to loans with lower interest rates later on! Just pay one back and take out another one.

Oh I know about the swapping of interest rates I just don’t know why the loans are not flowing just yet.

OK. 2 weeks in, still no loans. If the rules have changed this drastically it would be nice to get some info so we know how to play. Wolpertinger? Any info you can share?

I was able to finally get one but it wasn’t much. I decided to restart while the getting was good. I’m glad I did too.

Would an investment in another airline through IPO go towards capital and therefore allow additional funds from loans?