Interlining Question

Hello all,

New player here. I joined on the 16th and have been working my way through the forums, videos, wiki's etc trying to formulate a plan.

Through all the trove of information I'm a little confused on one particular topic so thought I'd post for some clarity.

Hypothetical Situation :

I am based in Perth, my real life home city. I notice that daily a fully loaded A380 ( 853 passengers ) lands at 00:00. With a min transfer time of 1h, I schedule a wave of flights leaving for Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane etc at 01:15. My question is ; Do I need an interlining agreement with the Company flying the A380 for a % of those passengers to connect to my domestic flights, or will they connect regardless, assuming I was the only airline flying connections in the ensuing 8h window?


If you want connecting Pax you need to interline. They will not connect to you otherwise. Those connections will be labed on your flights as ext feeder and ext connections

@laolun91 Thank You.

So if I am understanding correctly, in the hypothetical, all 853 passengers booked on the Destination X -> Perth flight, intending to stop at Perth because when they booked there were no connections visible because no interlining ( in theory ).

With interlining they have possibly booked with the intention of Destination X -> Perth -> Domestic connection ( in theory ). So this could mean more than 853 people wanting the existing X -> Perth flight for the A380 company, possibly validating the use of an extra aircraft, and more overall profit, hence the value of interlining from both sides?

If I have this roughly true, it is very good to know.

I don’t know how AS calculates this but it won’t be that all passengers will connect to you, some may fly to Perth also take into account that some people might have connected to that A380 and as far as I know you have a maximum of 3 legs in AS.

Example I operate an cargo airline KIX(cargo and Pax connect the same)

I I have a flight KIX - SYD and KIX - ANC, in ANC I have IL partners so I could have a flight SYD KIX - KIX ANC ANC - ORD but a connection further from ORD to XX would drop the SYD KIX flight so a max of 3 legs.

In your case the A380 could had have feeder flights which would potentily would give you less connections.

However, the opposite is also a possibility that your leg 2 in the cycle and people would connect to your connections.

So a lot of variables I guess.

My advice is to make sure your connections are not more than 2 1/2 hours.

PAX in AS always books from A->X.

Sometimes they just need to take the way A->B->X because e.g. all other Connections are full or your ORS is just better.

Thanks very much guys.

By connections no more than 2.5 hours, you mean the layover time between the inbound flight and when your flight takes off?

Thanks very much guys.


By connections no more than 2.5 hours, you mean the layover time between the inbound flight and when your flight takes off?

yes also take into account your minimum connection time. So flight xx lands at 18:00 and the MCT is 1:15 so your plane should leave between 19:15 and 20:30 (I suggest 19:20 because of the dynamic turnaround time if you play on a server with that enabled )