Intra City flights?

Is there not a rule against intra-city flights?

I see several airlines that run routes within a city area, using rather small planes... Thought that this was made imposible in flight planning now?

If you check Database > Forbidden routes there is a comprehensive list

Basically it is illegal to fly inter city routes. If you think we missed a inter city route then please send a short message to support.

Intra-metro flights are permitted on Devau though, as there is no ground network.

Allowed on Devau.... OK, then. So I must start some intra city flights using the smallest possible planes, to block slots then....

Well, well. Thought that it was illegal all from the day I started playing.

I will probably start some intra city routes soon then....

I wonder if this is why someone recently reported my airline on Devau. I haven't heard anything from our admin team yet, but can see that someone had, in fact, reported my airline for something.

I just checked, the only Intra-City flights I have are in Houston: IAH to HOU and IAH to EFD. Both routes use a 737-500 and both routes only have one flight a day. I thought I had more!

So, I guess that probably isn't the reason. My curiosity is getting the best of me.

I have been reported countless times, I know how to not break the rules so it is never a problem. Right now 5 of my companies are "reported" and waiting to be investigated. As long as you have followed the rules there should be no problem :). 

Well, well... I am starting to see the results of my filling up the leftover available slots, with imtracity flights, now.

I dont like it at all. But as long as its legal I should probably do it.

Despite no ground network. I really dont see why this should be legal on Devau...

There’s a difference between flying intra city flights, and then to use it as a slot blocking measure with hundreds of small planes. Just be aware of that.

They need updating as well, seen some LHR to Manston flights on some servers