Introducing Fly Wales

Fly Wales is a new and innovative new Welsh airline based at Cardiff International Airport. We offer domestic and international flights using a very modern and popular fleet. We guarantee that our prices match our competitors but will always be one stage better on our on board service which is second to none.

Fly Wales, hopes to purchase new Boeing or Airbus aircraft in the near future to help us to expand into America and Africa.

We are currently in partnership with Fly Syria and is a proud member of the alliance United Arab Alliance set up by our partner Fly Syria


Fly Wales.png

[....] using a very modern and popular fleet. [....]


I'm so sorry Highlander, but your fleet is a lot.. but it's probably the least modern and popular fleet, I have ever seen in my recent time in AS.

Piece of advice:

  • Take a look around. See what other airlines do. Notice, that most airlines has a modern and popular fleet. (Which means planes newer than 2 years old. All of them - and Boeing/Airbus/Embraer).

  • Find threads in this forum, helping people start playing AS. You are loosing out on common knowledge. For example, you have 7 maintenance categories. Most succesful airlines  has beetween 2 and 4. But usually 3.

  • Find the youtube videos that guides you through the game. They are very helpful.

  • Dont ever purchase planes, as you describe in your press release. Leasing is much better.

And most importantly, start slow. Don’t aim to high. And find friends inhere, that can help you out.

Have a great weekend, and good luck.

I have I just wanted to have fun and not take it too seriously but thanks Banff what do you think about my real airline that is serious Fly Syria

Well, it's better. But it can still be improved. A lot. Find some threads about wave systems. Make sure that all your flights (or most of them), have a lot of possibilities of connecting to other flights. That's what makes a succesful airline in AS. Eventhough AS try to be realistic, Point to Point airlines doesn't really work out. But connections do! :-)

Ok, Thank you very much can you guide me for the future 

Sorry, I am not mentoring anyone, as I haven't got the time. But some people do mentor, you could ask in the General forum. But be prepared to start on another server, if you want to find a mentor :-)



Hey were did you find that mockup? Is i5 available to download? :slight_smile:

I didn't a Friend made it for me