Introducing long-term speed-up server

Not sure if this idea has ever been brought up. In my view, introducing long-term speed-up server is a great choice for AS.

A long-term speed-up server is similar to the Wright server, but can be longer (e.g. 2 - 4 years), and doesn’t need to be historical simulator (e.g. run an airline for “4 future decades” with latest aircrafts). This is a great complement to current short-term servers and permanent servers - it gives you the flavor of running an airline long-term (e.g. buying instead of leasing, building terminals, replacing aged aircrafts, etc.) without devoting endless amount of time and feeling pity when giving up your effort in a permanent servers. Additionally, it may provide great economic benefit to the AS development team.

For me the reason this game is so good is because it is real time. I hope they dont change that.

Certainly understand, many people like the real-time setting. But, speed-up server is only a complement, and I think introducing speed-up server is inevitable.

I would really like to see a server like this. :smiley:
But i would really like it to start in the 70s

Let’s hope Wright II will be a 4 year server starting from 70s :slight_smile: