Hi Airlinesimer´s,

I invested some money in some shares other day. Now I see that the money is no longer on my list, on what I have invested.

Moreover, unfortunately I can not remember what the name of the company was! - stupid me… :blink:


My question is about when a company that you have invested in, possibly going bankrupt - will you lose your money or will it be invested reversed back to your account?

Hope u Guys can help me out here.... :)

Thank you.


When you submit your purchase order for shares, the funds are deducted from your bank account and held in escrow until the transaction happens. These can be seen in the “Order List” screen. When the company gets liquidated, the assets are sold off and employees are terminated. The remaining funds are distributed amongst the shareholders, and show up in your income statement under the “Stock Trade Losses” or “Stock Trade Revenue” categories.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

So what do you tell me, is that I had lost my 1 mill $AS? (see attached screenshot!) :unsure:




In between EBITDA and Adjusted EBITDA on your Financial Statement there is a line item that says Miscellaneous Revenue. This would be the revenue you received from stock in a company that liquidated, a so called liquidation proceeds. These also shows on your bank account on the day your investment was liquidated.

Whether you earned or lost money from that investment depends on the mathematical difference between these two line items (Misc . Rev. and Stock Trade Losses).