I have AS$1,000,000 in my holding company and wondered how I can invest it?

You could invest it here :D

I am active in Stapleton :(

There are basically 3 ways you can spend your holding’s income:

  1. Open another subsidiary with it

  2. Invest it in the stock market (IPO from a reliable player’s company is a good investment)

  3. Invest it not in the stock market (i.e. buy out aircraft and lease it to your sub, build terminals)


You need at least 3 mio. AS$ to open a subsidiary. So 1. is not really an option.

I have been talking in general, obviously, not regarding exactly 1mil.

not any more you can’t. In the good old days you could, but since the rules changed you need 20 million to invest in IPOs, meaning effectively that any holding company formed under the new rules is unable to underwrite IPOs more or less for ever. The only real things you can do is dabble in the stock market, or start flying a few airplanes around - for 1 million you’re going to be limited on your choice of aircraft, and trying to make money on the stock market - well, not easy… maybe you can build a cargo terminal?

They really should put up a big warning DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LEAVE CASH IN YOUR HOLDING?? something like that, as your 1 million has to all intents and purposes gone down the drain.