IPad/browser issue

I know this game wasn’t originally developed for things like the iphone, ipad, or android devices but i wanted to just point out few things here for the devs.

If you can play around on it with an ipad it actually works pretty darn good! First off there appears to be an issue when trying to select flights to edit. When you tap on the flgith it doesnt bring up the little edit options where you can select the whole flight to delete. a few times i’ve added too many flights where the mx ratio is too little but I cant then select that flight to delete it. maybe there is another way and I just havent found it yet.

Another issue ive had is not so much with the ipad but the browser Dolphin HD for the Ipad. once again if you can get access to an ipad download Dolphin HD web browser. I consider it surperior to the standard safari in just about everything, except this of course lol. Dolphin HD will not let me cancel flights. It also will not let me log onto this website. It keeps giving me errors so i have to switch to safari.

Maybe there are some options i need to change. If you are aware of them please let me know. If there are no settings I can change then I wanted to bring them to your attnetion.

Have a great day!