IPO Air Singapore

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Air Singapore is opening his IPO now, and you can buy it directly from here.Air Singapore IPO



Air Singapore is a young, but talent company whose main hub is in Singapore Changi.

After 3 weeks operation, we are currently making good profit by linking almost all of the Southeast Asia Main Cities( via 3 Boeing 737 -600 HGW, 3 ATR 42-500, 1 Embraer 170, owned 1 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30F(HK) in order to fulfill the lack in airfreight services) and starting to expand our networks with Asia-Pacific and Australia in our routes.

As a common transfer point for Singapore Changi—the busiest airport in this region, Air Singapore always provides the best on-board services, cabin-Seats and competitive prices.

Our cash-flow is going to be stable now and the tendency of profit margin increased significantly (15%) by transferring total 33,164 passengers which increased to 45%.

So Don’t wait to become a profit-share-holder when we are strong, we are looking forward to growing up with you now, which is the best time to get constant growing profit from NOW !!!

All interlining are welcomed.

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I don’t think anyone can sign for IPOs at this stage.



There are a few airlines that can, however it is clearly wise to wait. I have my suspicions that an airline needs a balance sheet for $15m + to buy shares. I’m less than $200k away so should be able to tell you for sure before Sunday.

Any members in our alliance go IPO as I have 1M so that I can buy

The problem is not the money you have available, it’s more about IF you can buy :slight_smile:

$15mil BS does NOT allow you to IPO