IPO Appia Airlines

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I herebyannounce my IPO for Friday june 8[sup]th[/sup], 20:40 o`clock!

Two weeksafter the restart of the server Meigs, the RR Appia joined RR Condatti at FCOto join a fabulous team: Perfect understanding, communication, teamplay andchoice of planes set the signs to success!

Throughgreat strategy we aim to become the single two airlines seated in FCO. Up tonow, we are on the right way, even though the two week delay caused a setbackfor Appia Airlines.

This IPO isthought to close the gap to the competitors, and reinforce the already wellworking RR network even further…

A couple ofnumbers:

SLF: 90%


357 Flightsper week

SKO: 54.446.766km

The greatstrategy guarantees a fast growing and successful company. This will result inconstantly high, growing dividends for you!

For anyquestions, please do not hesitate to contact me ingame!

Cheers, RRAppia Airlines


The ipo has been launched, check it out!

Yours, RR appia airlines!