IPO Cheating

With a glance in the Meigs’s IPO stock market, it is so easy to spot bunch of potential cheaters! Lots of new IPOs involve some new holdings without any business are buying lots of shares.

AS team please help take a look and make sure the game is fair…

Str*tus game style Not gone after by the team in most cases …

Rest assured we do investigate these matters actively. Whenever you encounter possible cheaters, please use the integrated function to alert us. It’s not as if we sit around twiddling our thumbs all day (most of us do this support-thing as a hobby and work 40 hours plus a week) and we do delete accounts that have been proven to be guilty of cheating.

Especially sk is highly aware of the situation and acts continuously to prevent cheating.

As a UAB Member I can confirm that we are investigating in that matter. Please contact the Support immediately if you find suspicious IPOs so that the Team and UAB can have a closer look at it.

Wohoo! 7 points to my account!

Good to hear, you are investigating!!

Glad to hear something is going on. btw, what is the integrated function? Is it the report thingy on the bottom right?


when did stratus members cheat? which cases do you mean. i am a stratus member and i want to know.

ok, you should stop with bashing yourself!

sorry, revoked the offensive comment - did you get my point?

Dear Julstar,

as the original founder of the Stratus Alliance I just want to assure you, that nobody in our Alliance is using Multiaccounts.

Some of our users know this game very well and due to the strong team spirit we always found ways to help our members. But you can be sure, that we never violated the rules of this game. And the AS Team is of course checking our activities as of every other player.

So please stop spreading rumors. If you have any questions about us or our activities feel free to contact us.

Best regards


BTW: I am very pleased, that my alliance is so well known, that it attracts your attention.

Not that any of this **** matters now.

Is there any information yet about how the announced anti-IPO-cheating measurements on Meigs 2.0 will look like?

Nope, we will tell you as soon as we have decided about this

At the moment we have to bring meigs back first ;)

I have an idea.

One way to cut down on IPO cheating is to require that any company who wants to purchase an IPO must have been in operation for at least two weeks. People wouldn’t jump on the IPO wagon quite as fast but it would solidify things.