IPO of Aiolos

Dear airline investors


aiolos is pleased to announce its IPO. Therefore, aiolos would like to inform you about the airline and financial opportunities for investors.


aiolos is a carrier based at the airport of Basel/Mulhouse. The location of our hub in the heart of the continent is ideal to connect whole Europe, and that - due to the short transfer time -  in a fast and efficient way. From Porto to Belgrade? No problem thanks to aiolos: Just 5 hours - instead of 8.30 hours with the concurrence! Additionally, aiolos offers to the most destinations several flights per day to enable same-day return flights and create additional connections. The result is a successful hub: More than 60 % of all aiolos passengers are changing their flights in Basel.


aiolos believes that every European should have the possibility to discover his wonderful contintent. Therefore, aiolos is not only flying to the big airports, but also integrates smaller and often marginalized cities into its time table. Pristina, Berne or Luxembourg are only three examples of smaller airports that - thanks to aiolos - are connected with the rest of Europa, often with several flights per day! That is a successfull niche of aiolos and one of the reasons why we are convinced to be well prepared for the future.


The success of the cleverly designed hub and flight system is reflected by the excellent financial key data as well as by the exceptionally high load factors of aiolos.  


- load factor:  96%

- turnover margin: 33%

- return on equity: 14,1%


With funds gained by the IPO, aiolos is planning to acquire new A320neo- or B737max-airplanes. This will give aiolos the possibility to offer more capacity on various flights to the most popular destinations while reducing the costs per seat.


The IPO of aiolos offers you a fantastic opportunity for a safe and sustainable investment in the airline industry with goods dividends. aiolos is looking forward to welcome you soon as a new shareholder!


If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, do not hesitate to contact me. 


Nalo - founder and CEO of aiolos