IPO of Gran Turino International

Hello everyone, 

you are now invited to subscribe for shares of Gran Turino's long range subsidary. We are growing at an immense Speed with SLF of over 90%.


Cash flow

7,153,846 AS$



21,950,784 AS$


0 AS$

Equity ratio



20,612,076 AS$


7,153,846 AS$

Return on Equity


Balance total

29,104,630 AS$


I subscribed for 2000 shares. Would have done more but I have some doubts about your current fleet and growth. Your profitability actually went down, and you are flying a lot of old widebodies. I'd like to see some fleet consolidation around perhaps some newer 767 (to keep fleet commonality) to increase image rating.

Target is to fly with 767s, and A330s in the long term. To grow fast i also leased il62s and tu154 because they were available at that time. Aiming to hit at least 10 more major destinations especially in asia and then consolidating the fleet. 

Wow, very impresive numbers. I think that you have been getting rid whit some competitors early. Very nice job.