IPO (& Sale) - Caribbean Sunrise

Soniram Aerospace would like to announce the IPO of its airline Caribbean Sunrise. Nestled in the beautiful city of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Caribbean Sunrise has been serving passengers with excellent ratings since early March, 2014. With a fleet of 19 planes, Caribbean Sunrise flies to many island nations, as well as the United States, France, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela.

As of now, Caribbean Sunrise is the #1 airline in the Dominican Republic, and flies just over 47,000 passengers  a week. Spacious seats, excellent customer service, and timely flights keep the seats filled, still hitting an impressive 94% rate, even with the declining AGEX. Profits are sitting at a healthy 21% for the past four weeks.

We welcome you to come enjoy the services and the benefits of being a Caribbean Sunrise shareholder!

IPO link: http://aspern.airlinesim.aero/action/holding/ipo?id=831

(Just to note - I am actually going to be selling off this company. It's healthy, profitable, and can easily be left alone for tidy profits of a couple million a week with just periodic checking. I just don't have the ability to devote time to it to make it grow any further. As soon as the company succeeds in the IPO, I will put up the entire stock for sale for whoever wants to purchase it. It's in the Dominican Republic, so anyone can run the airline, regardless of where your holding company is located. I don't know the exact amount, but I'm going to guess you'll need about $18-$20 million to get 50% of the shares. The money from the IPO will be left with the company.)

The IPO has reached 50% saturation -- which makes the IPO final at UTC 04:00 on May 5, 2014. Just under 16 hours from now.

The rest of the shares will be put up for sale at UTC 12:00 on May 6.

If anyone that is interested in buying Caribbean Sunrise would like some company information before-hand, send an in-game message.


The sale of Caribbean Sunrise is still going to happen. The time it is scheduled for is 12:00 (noon) UTC time on May 6, 2014 -- approximately 16 hours from the time of this post. Here is some information you might find helpful/useful when it comes to purchasing the company:

All shares owned by the holding company (Tyflas Capital Investments) will be placed up for sale. None of the owned shares (378,901 of them) will be held back from the sale.

The starting price of the stock will be 99.99 AS$. This means any bid of over that will, theoretically, purchase shares. Understand that while the price sits right now at a bit over 50 AS$, it will jump here in a few hours. The usual price of a new stock is 100.00 AS$ per share, so the price is going to be set a penny below that.

All money from the IPO is staying with the company. There's been no action taken on the company since the IPO. The current bank sits at a touch over 11 million AS$.

Understand a buying price of 100 AS$ might not be enough to purchase shares. I've had more than one person express interest in buying Caribbean Sunrise. This is just a note on how the stock market works when it trades shares: the highest buy offer takes precedence. So if you offer 105 AS$, and someone else offered 102 AS$, you would get the shares. However, if someone offered 110 AS$, you would get whatever is left over if there are no bids between 105 and 110.

The airline is part of an alliance, and there are interlining contracts with alliance partners. The person that takes over the company can, of course, leave the alliance whenever they wish. I cannot guarantee interlining contracts after the sale, though the partners I've worked with have been very good at not cancelling unless I did something to piss them off. ;)

I will not cancel the interlining agreements between Caribbean Sunrise and my other airlines. I have several flights that go into Punta Cana from KFW Airlines, and they are pretty full, and they do have good transfer rates. I also have flights run by Caribbean Sunrise to hubs operated by KFW Airlines. You are, of course, free to alter these flights, but they rarely run under 100% filled, and help to keep the other flights filled. Long story short -- I won't cancel interlining agreements with Caribbean Sunrise, but if the eventual owner wants to, then I'm okay with that.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me ASAP. I will be able to answer questions up through about 04:00 UTC tonight. Good luck.


The sale price is going to be set at $93.60, per the close price at 00:00 UTC May 6.

I'm happy to buy the airline but note the following facts:

Current Market Capitalization (# of shares x price per share): $45 million

Current Balance Sheet Value: $37 million

Anyone buying the airline right at the market price will loose $8 million straight away. The share price will fall in the following 2-3 days to reflect this.

If you sell at market price - 10%, I am happy to buy it (market cap will be $41 million), meaning you still pocket a cool $4 million if all the shares sell. 

If the airline doesn't sell, the price of the shares will continue to drop to reflect your cashflows till market capitalization = balance sheet value.

Let me know if you are interested.



Pleasure doing business with you :)

And with you. :) Enjoy the airline.

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