Ipo's and shares

I was wondering how to create an iPo and what effects/ procedure does shares have to do with airlines what are the benefits someone please explain as I do not understand this topic

an answer would be spledid guys

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I understood the first part. To make an IPO go to the dashboard and select IPO information. Your airline must be 2 weeks old! Type in a Code ( must be less than 6 letters/numbers ). And you have your IPO. If your IPO is not successful, don’t blame me, it is the investors that think that your IPO is not the best financial ‘haven’ at the moment.

I think this may be the answer for the second. > If your airline has 50000 shares at IPO time, 25% ( 12500 ) of your shares is sent for the IPO, if it is successful the 12500 is added to the 50000 so you now have on the stock market 62500 shares

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As per ASim rule, your airline/company has to be at least 2 weeks old to launch an IPO.

Usually, You launch an IPO in order to raise some capital that one uses for expansion, the amount of capital that You’ll be able to rack up depends on how good your business plan is, investors will participate if they think it’s worth it.

I personally suggest You to wait and reach a reasonable dimension before launching an IPO, the bigger You are at the moment of the IPO, the more money You’ll raise.

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With the IPO you can bring your company to the stock market. You can only do so if you started with a holding and a subsidiary. Otherwise it will not work if you have only a holding. As Dario mentioned before … your company must be at least 2 weeks on the Server and you need an AAA Rating. Once you met these conditions you can start an IPO. The Pro is that, if your IPO is sucessful, you can get (under the best conditions) if other player are buying your shares by more then 200% over signed you will get maximum 50% of the current worth of your company. The negative point is that once you are on the stockmarket you have to pay 15% of your net profit every week to your shareholders and also once you are on the market you can not remove your airline from it even if you have bought back 100% of your shares.

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Thanks to everyone who replied, I have a much better knowledge about this subject now.

In addition to this --> AS Wiki

Can the holding subscribe for shares during the IPO of its own subsidiary? The game seems to allow this on a software level but does anyone (moderators/ Admin) know if this is against the actual game rules?

it is not. your holding will actually hold 80% of all shares by its daughter upon IPO.

In order to subscribe to an IPO an enterprise must have a minimum equity of AS$20 million. Although it’s just theoretically possible that the holding might have accrued that much equity prior to the IPO of its subsidiary, in practice it’s as good as impossible, regardless whether the rules allow it or not.