Iral Airlines - "Pride of Iran"

Iral Airlines has been founded on the 1st of November 2012. Iran’s national bank “Teheran Corporate International” has founded this airline with the sole purpose of connecting Iran to the world’s top Nations. Our interest is to offer best connections for people to fly out of Iran to any part of the world and back. Th fleet consists of 2 Bombardier Dash8, a Boeing B737 and an Embraer 195. The Dash8 aircraft represent the most suitable equipment to offer fast and comfortable cnnections between Teheran and other Iranian cities while the jets fly to destinations within a medium range.

We aim both business travelers and normal ones, by proposing flexible schedules.Due to sponsorship from the Russian Government, our airline will be using Antonov AN140 aircraft for short ranged, small capacity destinations.

Let’s Interline! Exclusivity please?

We already are! Just checked! Let me know if I can help!

Yes, we already are! I’m counting on your international connections!

And I’m counting on your Iranians :)