Is Airline Sim circling the drain?

I keep getting logged out. I’m in the middle of a complicated schedule adjustment, then I get logged out, and have to start it all over again.

New, permanent game worlds will not get close to reaching player capacity, even upon release. This used to not be an issue.

It often takes too long to load schedules. This means that complicated schedule changes take a lot of time, far longer than it should.

I love airline sim. It was well set up. But it’s getting worse and worse, and maybe it’s time to find an alternative.

The only way to save airline sim is to invest more into it’s functionality. They may have to take losses for a short-term period. But if they want to save this sim, then they need to make it more attractive. It’s becoming less attractive.

I say this as someone who has been here for years. I have managed some of the top airlines in the respective game worlds. I’m getting more and more hesitant to continue investing my time here.

Basically, I don’t want to have to shout “fix your crap” at my computer monitor several times a day.

I agree with you. This game is neglected and that’s sad. I think Simulogics should invest more resources on it or watch it go down until it is so unprofitable to run that it has to shut down. Anyways, I am going to enjoy it until that time comes.

Regarding the schedule changes I actually don’t think 3 days is an issue at all. Actively changing schedules is micromanagement and pretty hard. What I think AS should be able to do is allow airlines to move existing booked flights to other planes. For example I had a 757 which I forgot to transfer and it had to miss a fully booked flying day due to this and I had to spend about half a million in cancelations. Would it have been a real life airline they would just have taken a spare 757 and have that fly instead. I had a spare 757 but I couldn’t do anything with it.

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I’m very new (6 months+) to AS. What all players seek Is realism. AS is, perhaps, the most realistic…as it should be due to the fact it’s a “pay in” simulation. What @ChristionPalsson mentioned regarding scheduling, lacks realism.

Every AS participant probably has “it would be better IF…” complaints/wants regarding game-play… As it pertains to realism, it’s difficult to understand why time/coding went into a “stock market” feature. Yes, a “stock market” add a dimension of realism, yet on whose top 10 of realism wants was a stock market…& from what I’ve seen, it’s now not a part of the game or many private-worlds. Thus players “paid into” to a realism function that’s not use and probably wasn’t in the top ten of want’s.

As for realism that is truly lacking… Random-Pull Random-Events. No not “crashes” (however, isn’t insurance a cost??). What about hard landings, tarmac collisions, etc…“something” real that occurs everyday/week & thus an aircraft that was intended for a new route, etc is now rendered useless. Other random events such as “weather” that wipes away 2-3 days of operations & results in mass cancelations at a hub. Random delays in aircraft deliveries, etc. Lowering wages to the point that a work group goes on strike. Seemingly the only time I’m notified of a any failed/successful “negotiations” is when an airline accepts my interline request. YES, I understand that “all players can’t have all that they want”. However, I just liquidated an airline in OTTO…it grew to 100+ aircraft, I chose an $$ maintenance contractor, I scheduled properly…it probably had q total of 3K-5K flights in the time I managed it…no flight was ever canceled. Unfortunately cancelations are a pretty basic reality of day-to-day operations…as are unattended events that negatively impact an aircraft, etc. Basically, it’s far more engaging to be surprised by a realistic event that negatively, via random pull, your airline & you need to make accommodations and corrections due to the event.

If this is something that happens all the time, then please report it to support. We rebuilt our complete backend recently and there might still be a few quirks. If it only happens once a day, however, then it’s the usual session timeout and improvements to that are on our immediate roadmap.

You wrote on 26. February

Eventually, we will support persistent logins. It’s a relatively tiny change that we’ll hopefully get around to soon.

Do it PLEASE asap. :slight_smile: