Is game time in real time ?

I’m brand new to Airline Sim and I was wondering if the game time is the same as real time… or for instance 24 hrs of game time = lets say 1 hour of real time.

I could’nt find any info on this anywhere

AirlineSIm runs in real time, so 24 hours ingame will be 24 hours in reality, too.

That’s not what I wanted to hear.

And it explains why my plane that left Europe hours ago still has’nt arrived in the U.S.

It’s the one realistic part I wished the developer left out, I have better things to do besides going grey playing this game.

which is sad , it looks like a very good simulation game but it’s a dead end for me.

AirlineSim is different then most games, as it only needs minimal effort every day, but it goes over month. While time is real, income is (in my eyes) higher than real, so your airline can grow much faster than real world airlines usually do.

The big plus of this is, that even if you have a busy week and you are not able to check your airline, you will not loose to much. In my eyes, that is the main part of the success of AirlineSim and it is why we have airlines which were founded four years ago and still running. AirlineSim is just an online game where you can have a social life beside it ;)

I don’t see any issues with that, real time is actually one of the reasons AS is my favorite airline simulation.

[font=“Trebuchet MS”][size=“3”] Although won’t be bad to have the posibility to choose between game-styles…[/size][/font]

Actually it would because it would distort the whole idea: it would make AS a game and no longer a simulation, thus meaning that it is becoming way more unrealistic.

Moreover I do prefer it how it is as the everyday effort for keeping your airline alive is margina, would the speed increase this effort would also rise and many of the players would no longer be able to keep up their fleets of hundreds of planes because tey’d just consume too much time.