Is “one minute rounding” a myth?

I know how it works according to some people; that the game works in seconds and display in minutes. But is it really confirmed? If the min connection time of an airport is 1h for example, my flight arrives at 12:00, and another flight leaves at 13:00, and the connection actually shows up in ORS. In this instance, does the “rounding” thing really affect the booking at all? Am I risking that the connection might not be bookable?

This has been bugging me for a while, so any help will be appreciated!

I’m not sure but all my connections with only 1h15’ (My hub is CAI) are available on ORS

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OK, thanks for the reply!

I think the point is that rounding might affect such connections. IIRC seconds are calculated. So if you have a 12.00 -> 13.00 connection, it’s really 12.00.x->13.00.y . If x<y, the connection will work, otherwise it won’t. But you don’t know x and y, that’s the risk.

No way of testing except checking each connection individually. At most m^2 potential “at-risk” connections for each hub wave, where m is the number of slots per 5 minutes.

I do not believe the rounding could be an issue for connection. Based on my search, all 45 minutes connection do show up, so the booking system only concerns about minutes.
My belief is that in the scheduling system, the seconds only show up when finding the flight time, but is rounded once the flight is scheduled.