Is the Stock Market really worth it?

So I have been looking into buying stocks to make a bit more profit on the side. But as I was doing the math, it really doesnt seem too worth it unless you are a huge airline that can spare the cash. So is it worth buying the stocks?

You gave the answer to yourself in my opinion. You can get 1 Share just to have a better understanding what your competitor next door is doing (so tactically buying stocks) Or you can get the majority of shares (more then 50%) to control a company (but be careful because the traffic rights might change) .... so is it worth it? Yes if you can afford it. Whats the Point spending money on the stockmarket or in terminals instead of planes where you can get more connections and more passengers from and grow quicker........

In the two plus years or so that I've been playing this game, most of the airlines I had shares in folded. Bear that in mind.

What happens if an airline folds when you have shares?  Do you get anything back?

I assume not, which is why I avoid the stock market.

If there is money from the liquidation, it will be paid to all shareholder partly by the amount of shares.

If you have 100% share in the listed subsidiary, is liquidating it the same as liquidating a non-listed subsidiary?

E.g. you get money in the bank + lease deposits - lease payments - severance pay of staff ?

I would think so. The payout to shareholders happens after all the security deposits, leases, loans, severance pay takes place. So if you own 100% of the shares, you should get 100% of the remaining money.