Issues with Idlewild?

Idlewild is extremely slow for me today, on separate computers and in different networks. Other websites load fine.

Is there perhaps a server issue?

The forum was also a bit slow to load, but nothing compared to Idlewild: up to a minute to load a new page (such as an aircraft or the scheduling page).

Hi @TravellingSalesman,

was/is this a longer-lasting issue or rather temporary? Did the status page show any large airport being processed at the time?

If you can provide me with a somewhat precise timeframe of the issue, I can forward it to our ops provider so they can check whether there were any irregularities.

Note that we’ve moved all our game worlds to a completely different hosting method recently, so we’re still looking at the occasional teething issue.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the quick response.

This was yesterday afternoon Eastern time, so let’s say 10pm - 2am overnight Central European time. During that time it was pretty persistent, if anything getting worse.

It didn’t occur to me to check the status page, sorry.

I just tried now and it seems to be better.

It’s back to being quite slow now (around 2130 CET). Among the airports on the status page the biggest is BOS right now, the others being tiny ones.

ETA: I noticed that in the individual aircraft and scheduling pages, setting a speed override takes a particularly long time: can be 30 seconds between clicking the icon and the speed override showing up.

Thanks a lot, I’ll pass it on.

Concerning slow scheduling: That’s on my to-do list. The cause has been mostly identified (I hope/think), “just” need to get around to fix it.

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