I've build an terminal in ATL and now i want use it...what can i do?


i've build a terminal in ATL form my flights between AMS and now i want use it. What can i do?

I've create an offer, i go on airport page, ground services, see my offer, click on formulate contract, digit the booking amount and click on sign contract, the windows disappear but i hav'nt any contract for it....Any ideas?

you have to assign your flights to the terminal through the route management screen if I’m not mistamen

HUm....i don't understund sorry :(

From the route management if i click in the details for flight (where can adjust price) i don't see any service contract to assign

You need to allocate the capacity to your own use first.

  1. Go to the Operations menu.
  2. Click Buildings & Contracts.
  3. Click the green details button on the terminal you want to allocate the capacity.
  4. Enter how much you want to allocate in the new allocation box.
  5. Click allocate capacity.

Once you have done that you should be able to pick the service contract in the route page.

Perfect...now work..many thank's