Join the AirlineSim Community

AirlineSim is a massive multiplayer game, and most of the time you certainly do not play against, you play with others. So we think it is quite interesting to get to know the other players. Our board and the game offers you many possibilities to communicate with them. But we also have also offer you interesting features helping you to stay in contact with the AirlineSim community.

Included in your AirlineSim account is a Jabber account which gives you the possibilties to chat directly with other players, get support and receive the status updates from all the gameworlds available. We put up a page which explains how you can connect to this feature. Click here to find out more.

You can also get in touch with the people playing AirlineSim outside of the gameworlds, chat and the board. You might want to join our Facebook AirlineSim Page to get in touch with other players and get your latest AirlineSim News also on Facebook. Click here and check out the AirlineSim Page on Facebook.