Junkers wishlist!

Junkers is live soon, and i really hope we will get a no used aircraft server. Competing against airlines using 35 year old aircraft is neither fun or realistic at all. The current server with no used aircraft is old with old ORS, Pricing and demad så that is not fun either. Thumbs crossed!

I guess the problem is not having used aircraft (which I personally much prefer), but how the aircraft age and type have almost zero impact on the ORS rating right now. It just requires some rebalancing.

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I agree with this. Competing with airlines that have hundreds of 35 year old aircraft and have got them by being constantly logged in to put in auction bids (or have more likely developed apps to do that for them) is no fun at all.

I’m glad the new game doesn’t have used aircraft Thanks AS

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Seriously how are you supposed to compete with someone that has 500 aircraft after 2 months most of them carrying less than 50 passengers and over 30 years old but blocking all the slots.

I know it isn’t against the rules but it’s lost my interest as soon as the credits run out as it just isn’t realistic at all

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