Kaitak Down

It seems that the server for Kaitak has down for a while. Always got a 'Proxy Error'

Anyone can recheck?

Correct, unable to access Kaitak.airlinesim.aero

Thanks for reporting, we're looking into it.

and the coin is running? it is the 2nd Day of Down.. please get the coins back

Kaitak is working again. Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

ich finde halt der hakt 3 tage schon und gestern das down... kostet halt immer was man nicht ntuzt

und wieder down.

Geht es eigentlich nur mir so oder nimmt sich Kaitak schon seit Monaten immer wieder Denkpausen? Gerade auffällig bei der Flugplanung wenn man die Zeit ändert und minutenlang nichts passiert. 

Das ist mir schon länger aufgefallen! So richtig rund läuft die Maschine net!

The server is quite unstable for a while. If i understand correctly, it's caused by the ORS issue (from the convention video), and won't be fix anytime soon, but please look for a temporary solution to improve the situation a little bit. It's quite inconvenient to have issue login or make change. 

@Paul, try to refresh the page and redo the changes. From my experience, each time when you have that situation, the server is pretty much down or unstable when you apply the new changes. 

Extending what TWAAir wrote: Martin is currently on vacation, so it’ll take another 7 days before we can see how to improve the situation before the new ORS will be taking over.

Our admin is doing his best to solve the issues we currently have as quickly as possible.

Kaitak zickt wie jeden Tag zur gleichen Uhrzeit...

Kaitak is back - no backlog remaining now.

täglich grüßt das murmeltier

Phoenix mag er wohl nicht. 

i can still manage to open the page, but condition is very bad right now

seems to be okay now...