Kaitak Still Lagging

Hi All,

I saw yesterday the thread on here saying Kaitak had stopped, and was then fixed.

For me, it is still lagging 9 hours behind - it is 10.20am in Sydney, and my 1am flights are still "in flight"

Can you guys please check it out?

Thanks in advance


Fixed in this case means - it is running again, but still have a backlog - which is now down to less than 8 hours. It takes some time until it is "on time" again.

Many Thanks for the update SK




It seems, KAITAK always had stopped.

Greetings, Antares

Thank you for the information - I forwarded it - hopefully it will be fixed soon …

One more question to that matter: is the current backlog still a consequence of those former problems? I would have expected the server to catch up faster than that or is there still something going on?

No, it’s generally on the slow side lately. Hope that’ll be fixed some time soon with the arrival of the reworked ORS.

So there’s no other way than to wait for the ORS-Update? Because if I didn’t misread your announcement that could take a couple of weeks and until then any form of an functioning ORS would be a great thing ;)

The latest update concerning the ORS stated that the update will arrive this week.

My bad… I’m sorry, I missed this update completely. Looking forward to it :)