?Kangaroo flights/refuel stops

I was wondering if it is possible to run refueling stops for long distance flights.

Its seems difficult to run flights from Oceania to Europe without having a subsidiary in the Middle East.

This isnot possible. But you can fly of course with A350 and other planes non-stop from down under to Europe.

Damn. Better start saving.

You can have one refuelling stop, a via stop, within the same flight number. If you need more refuelling stops you can always schedule separate flights and passengers might transfer if it is the same aircraft. Keep in mind that if you include stops your ORS drops.

You can stop indeed but no passengers will check in as traffic rights are missing. But they can fly to both destinations, that is right.

Though you can never make more than two stops. Passengers will never transfer more than twice in AS. With two stops you should be able to fly a longer range narrowbody from Europe to Australia, if that’s what you want to do.

With a low density configuration on the A321LR you should be able to do the original Kangaroo Route: LHR-KHI-SIN-SYD, or any other combo.

So exactly how any real-world tech stop works.

Now the interesting question is: Can AS do scissor hubs? In reality, a French airline would be allowed to operate a hub in e.g. CAI, as long as it only transports passengers originating from France between CAI and third countries.

Yes, but all your pax have to originate in France. They can’t come from EU areas otherwise.

I remember seeing someone experiment with this and post in forums.

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I remember seeing this system work pretty well a couple of years ago. There was a Brazilian player who ran who ran quite a sizeable hub in Cape Verde, using it for Europe connections.

Ah so you can run fights like LHR - DXB - SYD but your pax will only be to and from LHR?

Yes, with UK rights you can go from anywhere UK to DXB and on to anywhere you like. You’ll only load and transfer pax originating in UK and only those by your own airline (no interlinings/daughters)
But DXB would be a bad choice. Look for transfers at airports with as little demand as possible.:wink:

Perfect, thanks for the tip!