About us:

Welcome to Koreanwings, we are the state owned airline of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Based at Pyongyang Sunan International Airport. We offer international services to both the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation.

Current Fleet:

Ilyushin IL-18D - This Soviet era airliner, is capable of transporting 118 passengers. This is the main aircraft of Koreanwings currently flying to all current Koreanwings destinations, it is the most popular aircraft in the Russian fleet and will continue to serve the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.



  • Decent leg room

  • Good quality seats with footrest

  • Free food and drinks even on short journeys

  • Free copy of the Pyongyang Times

  • Selected hot meals and small gifts (purchase on plane)

  • On flights longer than 1hr 30 mins, an electronic tablet will be provided able to stream videos and play games

  • One free hold bag of 16kg

  • Relax in economy lounge at Pyongyang as well as other Koreanwings destinations


  • On short haul routes, no more than 8 business class seats

  • Top quality food and drinks served even on 30 mins flights

  • Large amount of legroom

  • Dedicated check in, with priority boarding escorted by flight attendants

  • Business class lounge - with a 5 star restaurant and entertainment areas giving you are relaxing time before your flights departure 

  • Additional flight attendants to fill your every desire

  • On all flights you will receive an electronic table that can stream videos and games

  • Top quality newspapers (Pyongyang Times) and a copy of Koreanwings own personal newspaper (The Wings of Korea)

Check in and Boarding Times:

  • Check in online 72 - 3hrs before departure

  • Self service kiosks are open at 05:00 on the day of departure from FNJ and close 45mins before flight departure

  • Bag drops and manned desks are open from 04:00 on the day of flight from FNJ and close 40 mins before flight departure

Passenger Boarding begins 35 mins before flight departure

Gates close 20 mins before flight departure, and open 1hr before flight departure

Koreanwings thank you for travelling with us, and together with the Great Leader's help we can ensure the future of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.


Korean Wings have welcomed the new route of Shenyang to the flight schedule with three daily flights from Pyongyang. The Great Leader said that the new route to Shenyang is a great opportunity to provide another connection from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the People's Republic of China. Shenyang is the most popular route on the Koreanwings network.



It was here at Pyongyang Sunan International Airport, underneath the picture of his grandfather Kim il Sung, that Kim Jong Un alongside the CEO of Koreanwings opened up the new terminal which was built exclusively for the state owned airline. The overbearing CEO then offered the Great Leader the chance to have a go on Koreanwings' training simulators at their Pyongyang facility. After two hours the Great Leader with the aid of Koreanwings' pilots boarded the stationary Ilyushin IL-62M and flew the plane above the skies of Pyongyang before making a perfect landing.

Koreanwings' thanks the Great Leader for honouring us with his dedication for the airline and his continued support is much appreciated, we thank the Pyongyang ATC for even making this spectacle even possible.

4980573009_df79d2246d_z.jpgThis is the Great Leader boarding the IL62


guangzhou1.jpgGuangzhou (1 x Daily flight from FNJ)

Koreanwings have also welcomed Guangzhou as the latest, Chinese city to receive Koreanwings flights from Pyongyang. The CEO has said that "Guangzhou also connections to destinations in south east Asia, as our partners in China provide connections to other Chinese and Asian destinations, that Koreanwings does not currently provide a service to.