Lack of information regarding Interlining contracts

Can be present in advance the Interlining contracts? Costs are totally unknown and became visible after the signature. The hole process is strange.

Answering both of your questions. (There’s no need to add two different threads, there’s an edit button if you think of things after posting).

The “income” from interlining contracts will never be explicitly isolated, because you do not know or cannot calculate how many pax you fly that both a. came from partner x and b. you would have filled yourself without it.

I tend to use a simple amount of connections as a measuring tool, and to keep an eye on how many connection are in the network with other carrier. And what # of destinations/frequencies I would gain. It’s not a monetary gain but rather how much you think it is, and if it is worth the cost.

The costs are calculated as follows:

number of staff required • salary of network planning staff = total cost per week

the staff required depends on the conditions of the IL, how many connections possible, size of airlines. This does increase as airlines grow. At one point you as an airline have a minimum amount of staff for any contract, even if it’s just with a startup. Large to large contracts can often run into hundreds of staff.

The salary you set with the other salary for staff, Management > Crew Management

The costs (aka the salaries) you will be deducted along with all other staff salaries in the weekend closing process. You can see the staff # and cost per interlining contract in Commercial > Interlining.

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thank you very much !!!