Lack of information regarding maintenance costs and efficiency

Hi all. I open this related to maintenance cost. If anyone has a reference about the maintenance costs for aircraft over 6 to 10 years old. All calculations presented in Aircraft type evaluation are incorrect. The monthly total from the financial report shows much higher amounts. There is NO list of prices such as the leasing rate to find out how much the weekly maintenance actually costs.

It’s not that difficult to calculate it yourself. :wink:

How??? Please explain !!!

I would try differential calculus.

Weekly maintenance depends on how much you flight and other stuff. Maybe you can provide some numbers that make you think the numbers are wrong?

this is crap…

thats maintenance per flight

Don’t you think you’re making it a little too easy for yourself? You write “this is crap” without answering Robert’s question. You’re not even trying to understand the values in your screenshot. And you seem to expect other players who have given a lot of thought to how they calculate to provide you with a formula.

My last tip: The maintenance costs mainly depend on the flight plan, the type and the age. With differential calculus you can easily forecast the maintenance costs for each flight fairly accurately. It is also easy to calculate a break even point when a machine is too old. Just make a little effort. This game is not for people who become top players by reading tutorials.

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But reading tutorials helps a lot to understand how things work. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. But they are not enough to answer Croc’s questions.

That is right. You already answered a lot.

Are there any recent changes in the a/c type evaluation??

I just tried to compare a few different a/c types from OSS to DME (approx 3000km) and set the a/c age to 24 years.
All types show 0$ maintenance costs which of course is not correct. This makes it difficult to evaluate.

As I remember this was different before?

ooo monsieur…sorry… But I f you were more detailed you can observe that my screen shot with crap was before Robert response. You should be more careful. Please follow the track. Thank you

Sure you looked on the correct column? Typically, capital costs for 24-year-old aircraft are reported as 0 A$.

Yes I know about the 0$ capital costs on old a/c but in this case it was for maintenance too. Today I did some other a/c type evaluations and it was all back to normal again. So I guess it was just some server or update issue.

If you don’t understand the order of the posts in the forum, you will have a hard time with the maintenance costs.

Some thoughts.

1 - the aircraft type evaluation has never been a perfect tool and the calculations it makes assume things that are 98% of cases not true. Single cabin being the big one. I would not assume those numbers to be perfect or close to it.

2 - OP, if you, like me, do not wish to bring out your rusty calculus, you can simply go to the flights tab of the flight, enter each flight in a day, and calculate the costs based off the maintenance costs there of course modifying the # to adjust to time scale you wish. Again, this will never be a perfect calculation as these costs likely fluctuate slightly, but it’ll be based on in game values and probably easier on the head.

3 - what is the need for the hostility from some parties here? is it that hard to reply without anger? genuine question…

You don’t understand the order of the posts in the forum

Not true applies for accumulated costs/revenues and mixed cabins of course.

However costs like maint are exactly what you’ll get.
Croc’s 3,141$ are exactly what he’d pay per flight given the maint provider he selected and granted he’d queried the correct aircraft age with not too many maint categories.
Maint costs showing “0” means that there’s no maint provider selected at time of query.

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lol If you can’t even solve a simple linear problem, you’ll have trouble calculating maintenance costs. Good luck with that.