LAR Regional new IPO

Dear investors,

LAR Regional started a new IPO. After almost two month we have achieved a very good performance becoming one of the best company in the Meigs world: only jets with best seats and on-board services. Despite the price of our tickets (in line with our exclusive services) we have achieved at least 90% seat load factor. That shows the confidence of our customers in our company through this recession time!

With all the IPO funds we are planing to expand our fleets with 2 - 6 CRJ 900 and to start operations from our second hub (announced at the right moment ). Financially, we are doing it really well with a constant margin of 35% per week and a profit increased by 10 -12% every week. If you invest now you will get at least 1,54 AS$ per share per week. We consider this as a very good beginning for a high quality company and not a low standard with high prices one.

For all the investor we will send a weekly message detailing our future strategy and financial performance.

See you all on LAR Regional IPO !!!

Less than 24 h to go! Your chance to be part of our success is running up!

Many thanks to all investors that made our IPO a success!