Large Aircraft short haul routes.

Hi , i have one aircraft which has a capacity off over 180 and was wondering what would be the best way to work it onto a short haul route , as i had it on a Melbourne - Christchurch route in which was not profitable and the other long haul route Melbourne - Auckland is profitable , but anyways i was wondering what would be the best way to have this aircraft on a short haul route eg. Melbourne - Sydney 

also does anybody know any extremely dense/popular Australian routes.

Melbourne - adelaide?


I use 787 even on 400-600 km flights, they barely break even even when the whole 788 gets fully booked, but I use it as a filler (to complete long haul international routes). I use it on routes that are already always with 100% load factor and which already have multiple flights on large narrowbodies every day (739/321). Yes it would be more profitable to run another 739 or 321 on that route, but I have the time availability within the 787 schedules, and these routes already have multiple 739/321 scheduled. I can also bring lots of passengers on 787 to feed my long haul international flights, and because slots around my hub banks are quite scarce this is a good option.

Having said that, using a widebody on short, and medium domestic routes (e.g. under 3000 km) is not the best course of action financially unless you really have to.

In your case MEL-SYD could very well fill a widebody but it all depends on your waves and connections in MEL/SYD. Again, it might not necessarily be the best option financially.

Frankly, it depends on the aircraft itself. Saying that you have one aircraft of 180+ seats isn’t too informative, as that could be the equivalent of an ANA 787 (158 seats) or a BA A321 (184 seats). The amount of time it takes to prepare the airplane for the next departure depends on the size of the aircraft and the size of the airport. Even considering Aus-NZ routes to be longhaul is somewhat iffy, as the two countries are a common market area in the game. Being Canadian, I have difficulty thinking of any flight less than six hours to be longhaul.

Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source, no matter how many students try to cite it in their papers, but they do have a list of Australia’s busiest domestic routes page. SYD-MEL makes the top ten list of busiest routes in the world, but depending on the type of aircraft, the turnaround times at both airports may be longer than the flight itself.

I tried to use a 788 on a domestic route between ICN and CJU but the turnaround times made it unprofitable even with good loads.  I will give this another try when the new variable turnaround times feature comes in, but for now I'll stick with the highly profitable stream of 739s :)

I run CGK-SUB/UPG/KUL/SIN using 747 series. The 400/400D/200B can make profit on these routes when they are fully booked  :)

I use 207 seater 3 class 767 on short haul routes out of Taiwan. Mainly because of the cheap lease I can get, I get good profits on all international short haul flights out of taiwan but not domestic flights for some reason.

I send 787's betwenn BKK-HKT with Thai Wings, and JFK-PHL with Hawaii Fly-O....

None make money, but they fil up and transfer....that's why I do it.