Large airlines at Quimby

Just out of curiosity ;-)

How have some airlines managed to grow so rapidly in Quimby ? I mean there are airlines that have something like 50 widebodies already. What type of strategy allows for fast growth like that ?

Just would like to learn the trick myself ;-)

connect big demand Airports at start and you can have prices about 150%-200% ;) for example JFK - MIA or PEK - HKG at start you cannot fullfill the demand so all flights are full....

Just do anything you can to make money and expand as fast as you possibly can schedule and use your own formula of success.

And do relatively long (domestic is still a plus) routes. Air time = money. I am starting to feel the effect of shorter trunk routes compared to the bigger carriers very much now. BahasaJet is still #6 or something regarding pax totals, but nowhere near the top-20 when it comes to seat-kms on offer.

I believe my airline (C A Airways) is first at seat/km with 679,029,907 last week,