Laying-off personnel

Hi all, I've a question. I've 157 personnel which I don't use in Network Planning. I can lay them off but will I have to pay severance pays? And how much I'll have to pay?


Dont know for sure but I guess 6 salaries.

Better have another few interlining agreements.

Between 6 to 8 weekly country standard salaries.

Expensive… :slight_smile:

With other words: do not lay them off, unless you are absolutely certain you will not need them again within two months…

Basically, if you think there is a chance that you’ll be looking for more IL agreements, then keep them. If you feel you have all the IL agreements you need then, bite the bullet and lay them off. I rarely do layoffs, unless my margins are very slim, and even then it depends how many redundant staff I have before I worry about it.

Is it possible to transfer employees from one company to another within a holding? I know aircrafts can be transferred, but what about staff?

Not possible.

A transfer is not possible, but you can fire your employees and hire them back with the other company

That is true for flight crews, at best. And it is still a very expensive thing to do.

It makes only sense if no pilots are available / searching for new opportunities.