Leased aircraft with a purchase option of $0AS

I noticed that a number of aircraft that I’ve leased now have a purchase option of $0AS. Does this mean that I can purchase these aircraft for free basically? Are there any catches to this, like some sort of fee/tax/etc. that I would be surprised with? I don’t want to go ahead and execute a purchase option if in the near or far future I’m surprised by some sort of charge or fee. Thanks for the help!

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Hey, thanks for reaching out! What you described is actually something we have on our list for further investigation, so we’re still figuring out whether this is a bug and how we can fix it. I don’t think there should be hidden costs though, but let me know if you run into any issues :+1: Cheers, Lena

Didn’t follow the discussion, but the answer should be simple:
When the official trader (AS) offers the airframe for “0” and later would buy the airframe back at a guaranteed price of >0, then we have a bug.

What is the lowest price (“50%”) displayed when offering it for sale?

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It’s basically an unintended consequence of how purchase values are calculated (based on depreciated values) so a 24 year old aircraft or older had been fully depreciated and has basically zero value. But yes, apparently it’s like that