leasing costs

I have noticed that the leasing costs are quoted double: what AIRLINESIM should do is to incoperate ACMI lease instead of quoting two amounts which is completely unrealistic 

Double compared to what?

Could you please rephrase your question and suggestion a bit so that it could be understanded easier?

I think he says that lease costs are double compared to real life. We have had this type of questions before, it was one of my own when I started.

Reply: while AirlineSim runs on real time, the economic factors are accelerated, which depending on airline and its business model can be anywhere from 2 to 10 times compared to real life. On average, however, it is quoted that economic factors run with a multiple of 4 compared to real life. Meaning, one week in AirlineSim is like 1 month in real life, economy wise (e.g. Your costs, revenues, profits).

also it has to be pointed out an AS$ is not related to any real world currency

Not only AS$ is not realted to the real world but also profit, margins, growth etc. are not realistic. A new airline in real world would not be able to grow within a couple of weeks as it is possible in AS including dream margins and hundreds of planes. ACMI lease would not make a huge difference - you just could use every existing plane without penalties of maintenance category. And ACMI would not make sense as a busines model for a company while now many companies / holding companies buy planes and lease them out to a subsidary.

I would actually like ACMI lease option to be implemented as one of lease options between two enterprises.

What would be the profit of an ACMI lease option here in AS?

You set up the rate other party accepts it. Whatever the difference between your cost and asking price per block hour would be is your profit.


I am not sure, but I guess Max_hof_dassen thinks he pays the leasing cost twice. He would not be the first player who thinks he pays lease per flight and again at the end f the week. In that case I can tell him that the cost as stated on the flight detail page is the estimated leasing cost for this particular fight, compared to the number of flights that plane actually flies per week. But the actual lease is only paid once, at the end of the week.

Apart from that, adding the concept of wet leases to the game would be nice.