Leasing Costs

I wonder in the financial schedule if the leasing costs get taking out of the account, Or is it divided up when you fly. I make profits both directly and indirectly. After the indirect is it mine to keep and will not be taken out.

A direct cost will be charged when the flight flys. The indirect costs are all taken out on a weekly basis as a seperate charge (weekend closing, leasing costs etc.)

O.K So the profit after is mine.

Yes but bare in mind if its in your bank account it still may have to come out for Leasing and Weekend Closing


The leasing costs you see in the details section are a break up of your weekly leasing costs divided by the number of flights the plane is doing. It is a booking figure so you can see if a flight is generaiting some profit or not. Each week you have to pay the weekend closure costs and the leasing costs of the plane. But if your flight is generating Profit then the Profit is yours since the costs are already included.