Leipzig 2016: Livestream

For all those that couldn't make it to the AirlineSim Convention in Leipzig this year, we will hold a livestream on YouTube next Saturday.

The times:

  • US West Coast: 8:00
  • US East Coast: 11:00
  • UTC: 15:00
  • Central Europe/Germany: 17:00
  • Asia/Hong Kong: 23:00

If everything goes according to plan, the stream will take place here: 


There will also be a stream in German, starting at 20:00 CET. Find the details here: http://community.airlinesim.aero/topic/10319-leipzig-2016-livestream/


Don't forget....we're about to go live!

Ich komme leider nicht in die deutsche Version rein

deutsch um 20 uhr - jetzt nur englisch

As Youtube won't let me into the chat without creating a channel, I'll have to thank you for the livestream here.

After watching the video, a few thoughts:

Together with service class, how about more actual physical classes or physical facility in the carbin? Like premium economy, sleeper class seen on 1950 airlines, lounge for first and/or business class passengers, suite class, etc.. Premium econnomy can be made by simply making an extra class inbetween business/economy and allow players to define seats/service/etc. in the game, but other physical classes require additional options in the game

Frequent flyer free upgrade when business class getting low load factor while economy class full?

For raising capital - how abouot bonds?

Can we transfer aplane to other companies but then lease back the plane without requiring rescheduling?

And the concept of dry lease and wet lease