LET 410

Who is serving the soft drinks, champagne and additional warm meal in a LET 410?

Haha I was wondering that as well. Hmm, I think it's self-served, buffet style...

And the pilots can come out from the cockpit and serve as well!

In fact it's a really interesting question. I think you can apply meal services on those flights with no cabin crew. it's not only LET but also Y-12, Jetstream, Britten-Norman, Cessna,  Dornier 228, Metroliner, and Beech 1900 (a lot! :lol: ). My own understanding is all the passengers getting packages of food and drink at the boarding gate. Just like you get a to-go meal in the restaurant. It's the most logical one i can think of. 

Pilot serving meal is not realistic, but it's a good one :D

Please let me serve you the beverages while our recently developed system lands the plane with no human involvement! - said the pilot.

I would get nervous...

Always wondered why there have to be 2 pilots for such a small plane, no i know!