Lifting night time restrictions on some airports

I’m operating a hub i Oslo (OSL), Norway, which in the game has night time operating restrictions. However, this airport, along with Bergen (BGO) and Stavanger (SVG), also in Norway do not have any restrictions in real life. I know this, because I also fly in real life, from these airports.

I would suggest lifting the ban on these three airports to make it easier for us that operate from these airports.


U are only aloud to take off and land to the north at Gardrmoen after 23:00.


Sounds dangerous to land & take off if you have tailwind

How is that possible. This is the major hub for the airline where I work. We have scheduled flights after 2300.

Just an example, the real world arrivals into OSL tonight after 2300

23:08 - DY - Nice

23:14 - LH - Munchen

23:16 - DY - Gran Canaria

23:21 - DY - Gran Canaria

23:25 - DY - Burgas

23:29 - DY - Pisa

23:30 - DY - Chania

23:36 - DY - Dubrovnik

23:44 - PF - Gran Canaria

23:46 - LH - Frankfurt

23:56 - DY - Faro

00:31 : DY - Alicante

01:19 - SK - Malaga

02:00 - PF - Antalya

So youre saying, all these flights are taking a big chance and hoping they can land to the North?


best thing to do is write a mail to the Supportteam and add some evidence to it and then they will adjust these timings if necessary. But lifting all night flight restrictions where there are in the real world night time restrictions will not happen since then we should not have them in the game at all. So try to find some evidance and send a support

Restrictions on air movements apply overnight from 23:00 to 06:00, although permitted if landing from and taking off to the north.

So this would be weather permitting. In which case it would be fair to say the restrictions still apply for this game.

http://www.luftfarts.../article839.ece ([color="#ff0000"]Norwegian article[/color])

It was more complicated then i thought. Noise planes are not aloud between 16-08 at all. you find more rules in the article if you understand Norwegian.

The earliest plane today (sunday) to takeoff was SK4683 to Oslo-Malaga at 06:00 and the last plane to takeoff today is SU2325 OSLO-MOskow at 23:40. But many planes are arriving between 23:40-06:00 but no one takeoff…

OT are you working for[font="Arial"] [size="2"]Norwegian Air Shuttle or SAS?[/size][/font]

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There seems to be noise regulations, and you’re right about the take offs at night. I just found it odd, as we have never heard mention of it at work, and we keep arriving in the middle of the night.

I work at DY.

I also wonder about other norwegian airports, such as Stavanger (SVG) with its heavy helicopter traffic to the North Sea, they come and go all night.

it sounds like these airports have some rules that can not be summed up as a general yes or no. however, with the way is game is coded, I figure it would be pretty tough to accurately simulate it. same with traffic rights and bilateral agreements…

I don’t know about Oslo but in the real world, airlines in Germany get waivers for late landings on the grounds that well, a plane has to land somewhere if it arrives late. And strangely enough, planes keep arriving late all the time. AFAIK the airline has to pay a penalty. Maybe that could be incorporated into the game, like drastic landing fees if you land outside hours?