Limatambo Loading Issue

There is a significant delay in page loading for Limatambo Server (Taking up to minute or more to load scheduling page or specifically the load time it is taking to reflect a change of flight time).

This delay in loading time is making new flight scheduling a nightmare

This issue was not present 24 hours ago.

@simulogics Would you please investigate this?

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Hi yoona, thanks for your message - Iā€™m sorry to hear about the loading times on Limatambo! If the issue continues, you can send us a support ticket with the details (e.g. if the long loading times occur at specific times of the day, if you get any error messages etc.) - then we can have a closer look at the issue! Cheers, Lena :slight_smile:

Hello @lenana

The loading issue which disappeared the last time has resurfaced.

Just started about 5 mins ago.

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Hey yoona, thanks for letting us know about this! Does the issue still persist? If yes - is only the scheduling process taking longer or are any other tools affected as well? Do you get any errors? Best regards, Lena

Digging this back up to let you know that at least one source of frequent slow responses has been addressed. Of course, if you still encounter slow responses somewhere, please keep reporting those.

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