Limatambo Server Issue/Delay

Similar to what highscore reported two weeks ago.

Encountering server delay/lag when scheduling. It takes about 30seconds to a minute for a change in flight time to be reflected.

Have spoken to alliance mates and they are experiencing similar issue.

This is impacting user experience immensely.

Additionally, this issue appears periodically. It comes and goes at certain hours of the day

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Hi @yoona, thanks for the report. We’re seeing this issue across all game worlds and we are trying to figure out what is causing it. Since it seems to be periodical, please let me know the more or less precise times at which the problem starts appearing and stops again. This would help us narrow down the possible causes.

Will take note of the times and report here accordingly.
Edit: the delay seems to have disappeared yesterday but reappeared today (Current time: 00:52 UTC)

When this issue appears, the page would load in sections and for it to fully load will take about 30 seconds to a minute

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Yes this game world is super slow recently?

@martin The problem seemed to be getting worst. At the moment even loading fleet management or private message is taking forever