Liquidation of a Subsidiary


I'm in a situation in which I would be thinking of creating a second subsidiary under my holding company. Imagine I do this, but later I notice it doesn't work very well. If I would sell all my planes, stop all leasing contracts (so only having cash left in the company), and then liquidate the company, will the cash value go back to my holding company?

I tried to create a test holding, with two subsidiaries, and later liquidating one, but the money didn't come back. My holding still had the same book value as before (10 million), but the money from the liquidated company was gone... Or do I need to wait for it to return?

I think you get the cash and deposits back less severance pay for staff. Stocks and buildings used to be lost, not sure if that has since changed.

If you liquidate a sub, "everything" will be liquidated. Your planes will be sold (at 15% of the book value) or if leased the leasing will be canceled. Your buildings will be demolished, your stocks sold at market price and most important (as most expensive) your staff will be fired and compensated. Therefore you won't get what the company is worth, but what is left after all I've mentioned above. In most cases it isn't that much (or - nothing). 

Good news: You don't have to pay for a liquidation - e.g. if your sub hasn't enough money left to pay the compensations for your staff.

Yes, I got that. But I meant, after this is all done... To test it, I created a holding, and created to subsidiaries, each with  5 million € capital. No purchases or leasing of planes, no staff hired. Then I liquidated one of the subsidiaries, but no money was transferred back to the holding, 0 dollar... Therefore my question: How do I get the money back (after all compensations etc)?

And you are very sure that the deletion is processed already? It must have been paid out.

1. And is it possible to liquidate a Airline witch is on the market, but i own 100% of it?

2. Or is it possible, to consolidate/merge 2 airlines in the same country to one? per example, i have 2 daughter-Airlines Ukrainia, and i want to make one out of it, to save some money (IL...) and to have a easier handling on it?