Little Airline Big Dreams: Lux-Jet

It’s just recently been the one-month anniversary of Lux-Jet, a plucky little airline based in SFO with some big dreams. Currently, our fleet consists of:
3x A320NEO Lights

Our fleet of SSJs (originally a fleet of 4 which is being slowly returned to the lessor) is being phased out for Airbus A220s.

We have been able to develop a good niche flying more regional routes up and down the west coast along with packing our schedule to increase average flight hours per day.

This thread will serve as a little blog to chronicle the growth of Lux-Jet, especially as we face fierce competition being only the 5th largest airline in SFO.

Looking forward to the updates!

The week has closed for Lux-Jet yesterday and with that a new update:


  • Profit has been stable but flat due to A220s replacement of SU9 flying causing an uptick of cancellations and loss of capacity to key destinations.
  • We are monitoring AGEX as it has started to trend downwards and will be ensuring that we are in a healthy position should we see a loss of revenue.
  • We are pushing key markets such as additional frequencies to Spokane, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City, as well as refocusing Anchorage as we deal with added competition.
  • Seat Capacity is well above 90% and our connection statistics in SFO are growing increasing revenue.
  • We will within the next week begin selecting our next hub either in the Pacific Northwest or Midwest of the United States which will see one A220 based there within the next two weeks


  • We have moved Maintenance providers to a partner has allowed us to which increase our fleet utilization.
  • LAX,SLC,and GEG have joined ANC in being a focus city.
  • The A220 fleet has been a great addition to the fleet, SU9 fleet replacement, we have one SU9 planned to leave the fleet on 3/15 shrinking our SU9 fleet to a single aircraft.
  • We have plans to introduce another A320 family aircraft into the fleet soon which will be focused on LAX capacity increases and longer flights.

Closing Remarks
Everyone at Lux-Jet is committed to the future of the airline and we are confident in our position and stake in the SFO market. We have brought new aircraft on premises to increase efficiency and we hope to come back next week with even more good news.

Today Marks another week closed for Lux-Jet and with that we have exciting new developments:


  • Our push increasing aggressively into LAX and DEN has pulled off

  • Our new addition to Honolulu is profitable and garnering many connecting passengers

  • We have adequate cash on hand and will plan on continuing on adding one new plane a week

  • Growth is strong and we have returned to the positive growth trend.


  • We are continually optimising our routes and have cancelled the contract of our final Sukhoi which will leave the fleet on Monday. The SU9 were perfect for short term growth but did not give us the flexibility that we hoped for. All previously retired aircraft have since found homes. (Due to the retirement of this aircraft, Salt Lake City, Portland, and Anchorage will be losing a frequency but will still be served by our A320 and A220 aircraft.)

  • We have added an A320CEO to the fleet and have plans to add more to the fleet.

We have rolled out our new corporate logo and corporate brand:
Lux-Jet Logo Large
Lux-Jet Logo Small

Closing Remarks
Lux-jet has shown growth and stability in the cut throat market at SFO. We are examining some new capacity growth ideas which will be announced in the next two weeks pending acquiring the suitable aircraft type.

Salutations Ladies and Gentleman and with the close of another week its time for another update to Lux-Jet and our prospects.

  • Our Money position is very good with healthy growth in our passenger revenue with growing LF’s and average revenue per passenger as we increase longer distance flying.

  • Our return to Texas flying has been very profitable as well as our growth in Canada with the addition of a daily flight to Toronto and a second daily flight to Vancouver. We plan to expand to Edmonton, Calgary, and Montreal as our fleet grows.

  • We will be studying lending options to increase growth to help augment our existing strong balance sheet to facilitate more aircraft.

  • Today is a historic day as we order our 10th aircraft, an Airbus A220-100. This aircraft is also historic as it will be the first aircraft at our first regional hub, Honolulu. With this, we will begin operations around the islands. This service between Honolulu, Lihue, Kona, and Kahului will both complement our existing service and provide inter-island connectivity.

  • Our position at LAX is being studied to see how we can grow it while also not being stuck in a futile war of market share. We are committed to profitability rather than market share.

Closing Remarks
Lux-Jet has grown significantly and with the addition of our regional base in Honolulu, we are excited for more growth opportunities across the country. Our limit of growth at this point in time is more aircraft being needed which we are acquiring as much as we can. We plan on adding at least 1 A220-100 per week.

This week past week has come with some big changes to Lux-jet

Our cash position is strong and we have nothing to report


  • Our operations in Hawaii have been very promising and as such we have ordered a 2nd A220 to be based out of Honolulu to increase our presence there.

  • We have based an A220 and a E145 out there. The E145 is an experiment to service smaller markets in Alaska. Should this work out we will deploy additional E145’s to our other two bases in California and Hawaii

  • We are rapidly increasing our fleet adding A220-100’s every week. We plan to plateau our A220 growth when we reach 10 to focus on growing our A320 and E145 fleets should the E145’s prove profitable.

  • We are examining more Trans-con flying and would like to add a East Coast Regional base

Time appropriate greetings, the financial week has closed for Lux-Jet and with that another round of updates:


  • We continue to make record revenue and continue to increase our profit margin

  • We are happy to report that we are the 4th largest carrier in SFO and the largest passenger carrier in Anchorage

  • Anchorage is continually a strong preforming base and will be expanded as time progresses


  • We have ordered our first A321 with hopes to fly to JFK and to expand the fleet to take over most of our medium-haul A320 routes and increase capacity on our trunk routes to LA and Anchorage.

  • The second A220 we ordered for HNL flying has been re-deployed to SFO to increase flying to Canada and Dallas.

  • Our Regional flying in Anchorage is very promising and we plan on expanding more in the region

  • We are currently examining wide-body aircraft and will be making a decision on which type to select and when they will be entering the fleet by next week

  • Our E145 fleet has proven to be very versatile and will be expanded in Anchorage and eventually to our other bases

Closing Remarks
Lux-Jet is starting to grow faster and faster, we are happy to report our growth and success in the very competitive market at SFO. We will be open to any questions and are looking for more close partnerships.